• By registering you agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • By registering you agree to the Privacy Policy of Bom-B Music.
  • Bom-B Music consists of a collective of independent music teachers. Bom-B Music arranges the registrations and the link to the teacher of your choice. After registration, you can directly contact your own teacher for all substantive and practical questions.
  • You teacher is responsible for the practical and substantive content of your lessons.
  • When purchasing a subscription package, a fixed lesson day and time will be reserved for you during the term of the package, with the exception of the FLEX 5 package.
  • If your subscription ends and you want to continue with lessons, it is important to purchase a new one in advance, at least 2 weeks, to ensure your place.
  • A subscription is not automatically renewed, because we consider it is important to teach motivated students who consciously make a commitment every time.
  • A student concert takes place every six months. Registering for the student concert is done separately from registering for instrument lessons. These are included in all the subscriptions.
  • In case of illness or absence of the teacher, the lesson will be made up another time or a substitute will be arranged by the own teacher. “No lesson days”, due to school holidays and days off, are listed in the lesson schedule. Make-up lessons may also take place during the school holidays in consultation with the teacher and the student.
  • The lessons take place at the location for which you are registered. If that is not possible due to circumstances, the lessons will be given online as a possible alternative.
  • During online lessons, the student is responsible for a good internet connection, camera and sound.
  • Refund of the subscription is not possible. Therefore, prior to registration, consult with your teacher about the most suitable subscription package and the available lesson times.
  • Bom-B Music can review the rates and general terms and conditions annually. The changes will be announced before the end of every teaching period.

Additional conditions For WEEKLY 30’, WEEKLY 45’, WEEKLY 60’, BI-WEEKLY 45’ and BI-WEEKLY 60’:

  • By signing up for the WEEKLY 30’, WEEKLY 45’ or WEEKLY 60’ you will receive 19 individual instrument lessons per period, making it a total of 38 individual lessons per school year. In the case of BI-WEEKLY 45’ or BI-WEEKLY 60’ you will get 10 individual lessons per period, and 20 per school year.
  • In case of cancellation up to a 2 weeks before the start of the lessons, 150 euros will be charged as a cancellation fee. If you cancel later, you will owe the cost for the entire subscription.
  • Payments will happen in September and February, at the beginning of the 6 month periods. With this payment, you are committing to 6 months of music tuition and it is not refundable. Payments in several installments are possible in special cases in consultation with the managers of Bom-B Music.
  • There is a fixed lesson time, depending on your subscription package. You are expected weekly or every other week.
  • If you miss a lesson for whatever reason, refunding money is not possible. Make-up lessons are possible for up to 3 lessons per period. We have set specific make-up weeks and the first week of July as the moments when these make-up lessons can take place. Other days of the week or weekend might be a possibility for make-up lessons under consultation with your teacher. Important: if you do not notify the absence up until 9:00 AM of the lesson day, a make-up lesson or a refund is not possible. However, we are not robots and therefore understand that there may be personal circumstances that require a little more flexibility. Contact us if that is the case.
  • In case of absence, you can also exchange your lesson time with another student. You will receive a roster from your teacher, with the schedule and contact details of the other students.

Additional conditions FLEX 5:

  • The lesson pack of 5 lessons is valid for 6 teaching months (per period), not including summer holidays.
  • If the student wants to take more lessons, another lesson pack of 5 lessons can be purchased.
  • Individual lessons are planned in consultation with the teacher more than 48h in advance.
  • In case of absence, due to any reason, the student needs to notify it to the teacher at least 48h in advance. If this does not happen, the student will be charged the full amount.
  • A scheduled individual lesson can be rescheduled free of charge to another time slot that week in consultation with the teacher.