“A creative music community made by and for the musicians of the future. Bom-B Music helps people in their personal growth through music lessons”


Improve your skills while enjoying the process

Bom-B Music’s students dive into a gradual and fun formative experience adapted to their needs. We offer a one-on-one music education focused on individuals and groups eager to discover, explore, and perform different music genres. We do not believe in competitive environments or talent shows. Our values are based on working side by side, cooperating, and collaborating towards what is finally our main objective: bringing the most out of music.

Personalized program

In our educational program, the students choose their level of involvement (own pace or strictly guided) and the direction of their musical path. We guide them on a continuous learning process towards the achievement of their specific goals. During this process, teachers adapt their lessons to the specific needs of the students and their unique personalities.
Self-knowledge and personal development are key in Bom-B Music’s program. Music becomes a medium to enhance their personal development, become freer, and develop their capacities for creation and expression. In short, students learn to be faithful to themselves and their values through music.

Artistic statement

Creativity is the basis of any artistic process and what truly defines the figure of the artist. We consider it essential to stimulate musical creativity from the first lessons. Conversations and discussions about art and creation concepts are commonly encouraged. And so is the practice of improvisation too. It does not matter if the student does not have previous experience with improvisation, it is a practice suitable to everyone and can be learned since day one.


Our people come from a diverse range of backgrounds and locations, with a great international presence. In our face-to-face activities in Utrecht, the expat community is a big part of us. And, since we are online too, everyone who aligns with our concept and values will find like-minded people here regardless of their location. Due to the international nature of the project, English is the main language to be used although our lessons are available in Dutch or Spanish as well.

All ages and levels

Everyone is welcome to discover the musical experience that Bom-B Music Academy offers. It can be your kid on their first steps in music after school, perhaps you want to accompany them on this journey too. It can be an experienced player who has ambitious goals. Programs are available for students of all ages and levels. Beginners, amateurs, students, and professionals come together and learn from each other.

Music and technology

Music students of today are the musicians of the future. Therefore, the knowledge and use of the latest technological advancements is very important. Our programs offer the possibility to learn how to make recordings for auditions, produce and release your own music, perform using live electronics, looping, and learn how to use some of the most important music software.
Let’s face it, we are in the 21st century and the possibilities of technology are endless in the audiovisual field!


Our mission is leading us to our future

Musicians need other disciplines to carry out their work. Photographers, fashion designers, stylists, filmmakers, content creators…
Imagine an international community of artists from different disciplines in a constant exchange of ideas. A group of people that develop projects and grow together each in their own way, maintaining their own essence and learning new tools and perspectives to add to their work.
Bom-B Music aims to become the epicenter of that artistic ebullition in which artists collaborate and start their own projects with the support of a strong community that shares the same values.


  • Open-mindedness and creativity

    We believe in discovering different music styles and genres,  learn what makes them unique and why people like it. Also, creating music from different sources and cultures help us grow both musically and personally.

  • Collaboration instead of competition

    We dream of a world in which competitions, talent shows, and skill contests stay far away from art. Instead, collaborations and team work is highly encouraged.

  • Adressing issues and not running away from them

    Being a skill issue or a social disagreement, we are here to help, hear what you have to say, and find what is best for everyone.

  • Quality and empathy

    Improving and becoming a better musician is very important. But so is how we feel in the process. Creating a safe environment is key for the artistic development.

  • Humbleness and support
    We actively look for what can be done better and tell what others do good or what can be improved. Always with respect and a positive attitude.
  • Being an example

    Nothing of the previously stated would make sense if our team cannot express these values in our daily behavior. Towards kids or adults, it is our task to be the example of the society we dream of.

Does all this resonate with you? Then, we are looking forward to meeting you or your kid!