New era, new music studio: about CHANGES and ADAPTATION

new music studio

Today’s blog is quite personal. We cannot be happier with the direction that the project is taking and this time we wanted to take a look back to tell you how we have experienced the entire evolution process from the beginning. With the new studio, a new era begins: about changes and adaptation.


From working at home to Oudegracht 

With the world in a state of flux due to the pandemic, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. But despite the challenges, there is still so much to be grateful for. Bom-B Music started taking shape in the middle of all the chaos.

The beginnings are always difficult. We started by teaching the lessons online and when there were no restrictions, we took the opportunity to give face-to-face lessons at our home. With limited space and resources, it was a challenge to provide the high-quality education that we wanted to offer. Financial constraints made it difficult to invest in the equipment and facilities necessary to establish a proper teaching studio.

Our music business started small, with just a few students being taught in our home. However, with time and dedication, we were able to grow and expand our reach. We quickly realized that the situation at home was not sustainable anymore and we needed a dedicated space where we could offer high-quality music lessons. We’ve been trying to find a proper location for more than one year, and finally, we are very proud to say that we’ve made it! We are very happy to welcome everybody to Bom-B Music’s new studio located in the heart of Utrecht. If you are walking around the city center, stop to look at the red door of Oudegracht aan de Werf 56 🙂


The beginning of a new era

This new location marks the beginning of a new era for our music business. Now we’ll have the chance to reach more students and count on more people involved in the project. It’s an opportunity to grow and learn, and to make a lasting impact on our students and artistic community. The new studio offers a wide range of possibilities:

  • Expand the offer of instruments: we have plans to include guitar or singing lessons.
  • Group lessons
  • Yoga sessions with music in the mornings.
  • Rental options for band rehearsals.
  • Rental options for private concerts.
  • Coaching sessions.
  • Jam sessions with barbecues.

The studio will be a hub for all things music, with equipment and facilities that allow us to offer a wide range of services to our students. From private lessons to group classes, our studio is designed to provide a comfortable and inspiring environment for our clients to learn and grow.

At the same time, this big change can be a bit intimidating. We will have to learn how to work with the resources and people in our new community, adapt to the new location and environment and learn how to manage to have a location. But despite the challenges, we are so much looking forward to this new stage.

We are proud of what we have accomplished and are grateful for the support of our students, who believed in us from the start. We are confident that with the right attitude and willingness to explore, we can make this new location a place of learning, growth, and success. During this month of February, the plans are to focus on the renovation and soundproofing of the space. The space will be opened to the public from mid-March.


How to adapt to unexpected changes

The world around us is constantly changing, and with it comes the need to evolve and adapt. Whether it’s changing our environment, our jobs, or our relationships, adapting is a part of life that we can’t avoid. But with the right attitude and creative solutions, adapting to these changes can be a great opportunity for growth and development.

This is especially true for musicians. As music studios move to new locations, music teachers must also be willing to adapt to new environments to continue their lessons. The same happens when you go on tour, there is a new city and audience every day. It can be difficult to adjust to a new environment, learn the new layout and resources available, and establish relationships with new people. But with the right mindset, it can also be a great way to expand our horizons and gain new insight. It is important to remember that adaptation is not only necessary but also beneficial, as it can provide us with unique opportunities to explore and develop in ways we may not have been able to before.

At the end of the day, adapting to change is something that we all must do. Embracing new eras and new locations can be challenging, but it can also bring about great things. With the right attitude and an open mind, we can make the most of the opportunities that come our way, and use them to further our own development and success.

In conclusion, the development of our music business has been an incredible experience. Starting small and gradually expanding has allowed us to build a solid foundation and a reputation for providing professional music education. We are grateful for the support of our students and the music community and look forward to continuing to share our love for music with the world.

The views from the new location already look epic!

bom-b music academy views

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