How we imagine Bom-B Music’s community

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If you have explored our website, you have probably read about our vision and how we imagine the Bom-B Music community in the future. However, we have not been able to develop it yet due to several circumstances. 
At the beginning of the project, students were just starting out and needed some more time to be able to play some music with their instruments. Now that they can play and we have more students, it is not safe to meet with several people in a room. These circumstances are delaying our community activities but I think that very soon we will be able to start doing some of them. 

Our dreamed music community

Our community might seem a secondary or extra side of our academy, but our intention is for it to become the core of it. The reason is that we have found more exciting making music with others during our studies and musical life. We got motivated, we made new friends, we got feedback, we listened to a fellow musician that could perform something in a better way and that challenged us to keep improving… 
We believe in a community in which students and teachers cooperate with one another. Any suggestion for a creative project is more than welcome and we would like to stimulate a pro-active and creative mindset.
Making music with others has brought pure joy into our lives. The feeling of belonging to a group of people that creates something so special is just priceless. And we want our students to experience these emotions as soon as possible. 

But, what are our plans? What activities will be carried out?

  • Collective lessons: During these lessons, several students will be guided by one teacher with one or two specific goals. These include technique-focused lessons for instruments of the same family, improvisation workshops, and public single lessons where other students can contribute to what the teacher says and get feedback from other students when it is their turn to perform.
  • Band/ensemble rehearsals: In these, a group of students and/or teachers, will meet regularly to prepare a performance, a recording session, or just to practice a song they would really love to play even if they do not perform it later. Guidance from teachers will be essential, especially at the beginning. But the goal is for students to be independent and be able to rehearse on their own.
  • Jam sessions: A jam session is a gathering of musicians with the purpose of creating music on the spot. So, improvising. Sometimes, they can start playing a well-known song and then improvise on it. But it is also possible to start from scratch and build up a completely new piece of music by getting inspired by each other. These sessions are a great source of inspiration and easily lead to many moments of euphoria. Again, the feeling of creating something 100% new and cool with fellow musicians is priceless.
Check out this jam session in Amsterdam a couple of years ago:

As soon as we can be back to normal life, these activities will start happening. And we want to count on you, and hear what you have to tell to the world through music!

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