Playing music together. The way to become a more sensitive musician

playing music together
Making music is a great way to build teamwork and develop technical, expressive, and emotional skills.

But playing music together, or playing chamber music, takes that to the next level. Do you want to discover everything that playing in a music group can bring you?

The music experience of playing in a group is vital for any musician, it brings musicians closer, and it creates pure synergy! You need to depend on each to prepare well your part, execute it well, and be creative. If you are not all on the same page or mindset, then it is very difficult that the ensemble works.
There is something very special about a successful music group, and it is the trust everyone deposit on each other. Your colleagues can also push you to improve in your personal learning, technically and expressively. Everyone can learn so much from the musicians with whom they have interacted!
Other benefits that playing together can bring are:

  • Enhancement of the ability to listen and hear every detail of the music.
  • Development of your technical skills and confidence: there are more times where your voice stands out, so that can motivate the players to prepare their parts as much as possible.
  • Exposure to new and different styles, genres, and forms of music.
  • It challenges performance concepts and improves critical thinking.
playing music together
There are many different ways of experiencing playing together, even while practicing or learning new concepts it can be a really beneficial tool
That’s why we encourage as much as possible group learning and teamwork among our students. It can provide several individual benefits like decreasing the anxiety levels of the student, achieving faster learning, pooling your ideas, or analyzing problems from different perspectives.
But above all, group working can make the study more efficient and fun.
Personally, I have had several good experiences playing in a group and I have been able to learn a lot from them. Check our performance at Tomorrowland 2019!.
The emotion of feeling supported by your ensemble is incredible. And it is an opportunity to feel safe on stage and let yourself be carried away by your emotions. Sometimes, I find it harder to achieve this flow state or emotional level when playing alone.
Without a doubt, playing music together is an extra motivation for the study moments and I believe it makes us better musicians. Being a good ensemble musician is almost like learning how to be a good person. Don’t you think so?
Now, are you ready to take action? Book a trial lesson with us and get started!

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