Our 3 favorite music artists


It is time for us to open up a bit more and let you learn about our musical taste and inspiration. Here you will find our favorite music artists that you cannot miss in 2021.

We thought that, since we all have studied classical music, we are going to skip that genre for this one and go ahead with contemporary artists that inspire us with every one of their releases.
Let’s not waste more time and go to the point. These are our 3 favorite music artists of the moment:

1. Snarky Puppy

This instrumental ensemble embodies all that Jazz means nowadays. A vibrant fusion of rock, world music, funk, and every single jazz subgenre. In the words of Michael League, their band leader, Snarky Puppy is “a pop band that improvises a lot, without vocals”. Well, I would have never put it in a better way. 
This band inspires us to break barriers, and create new styles and instrumental combinations that are put at the service of music expressiveness. Ah, and Ayla, our piano and cello teacher, has participated in a project with a couple of their members and the Jong Metropole Orkest. Watch it here.
Now, let’s give them a listen with their fantastic "Lingus", that steady and firm drumming by Larnell Lewis, and those magic synth solos by Cory Henry. By the way, this recording was made in Utrecht, at the Kytopia Studios.


2. Rosalía

Right from the top of music charts all over the world. Awarded with multiple Grammy’s and Latin Grammy’s. All of that making a kind of weird avant-garde flamenco-trap-reggaeton-pop music. If we are to call it a name…
Rosalía could not be out of our top 3 favorite music artists. What an example of open-mindedness, staying loyal to what your guts say, and not following standards if you want to reach the very top level. All, with a superb level of music quality in all the aspects of the production. And, what a voice!
This is her last release, a collaboration with Billie Eilish in which they merge their own styles into a gorgeous piece of music. I would like, as well, to strongly advise listening to her conceptual album "El Mal Querer", in which she tells a difficult love story from middle age that is very actual.


3. Stephan Bodzin

I did not know much about electronic music two years ago. Now, I am a music producer myself. Stephan Bodzin was the reason. 
I remember that magic moment at my first techno festival. I was quite curious about all the artists and their musical quality. I had listened to some reasonably good music in the first moments of the festival but honestly, I did not know what more to expect. When I saw this middle-aged guy in an orange shirt, improvising on a Moog synthesizer in the middle of one of his tracks, I could not believe what that music was making me feel. 
Ever since, I became an electronic music lover. As time passed, I started producing my own electronic music. A whole different perspective in music.
Here’s a cool video produced by Cercle, in which Stephan Bodzin performs a recital on top of the Alps with a beautiful sunset. Enjoy!
So, these are some of our biggest inspirations when teaching, performing and creating music. These artists, and many others, make our hearts big and make us want to continue sharing music with everyone.
Now, before wrapping up, I would like to introduce Berta Mariana Sequeira, our newest addition to the team, to you! Learn more about her by clicking on her name or visit the Violin Lessons section of our webpage. 

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I hope you liked this article, in which you got to know us a little better. Till next time!

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