What do you need to write and record your own music?

Create and record your own music
Easy answer, just a laptop.
Is that what you really need to write and record your music? Have you ever stopped to listen to everything that happens behind the melody of a song? How many different elements can you identify? Have you noticed how the voices are moving and are connected to each other?
The more you delve into a tune, the more you notice all its details. It seems that you cannot stop discovering new elements! The responsible for this is the contemporary composer, also known as…
The music producer
A music producer takes care of a lot of details in the creative process, from recording to adding effects, managing the budget, and other necessary aspects to turn a musical idea into something real and professional.
Basically, they put the existing technology at their service to transform a musical idea into something that we can listen to and makes us feel emotions.
When producing a music track, the main steps of the production process can be classified as:
  1. Songwriting/composing
  2. Arranging and sound design
  3. Recording/Editing
  4. Mixing
  5. Mastering
  6. Promotion and performance

Write and record your own music

We see the great potential of music production as it is perfect for capturing all our ideas and developing them so we can let others hear them as well. But, what about being able to play and perform the music you have produced? It would be something like making the definitive piece of art just by yourself.
Doesn’t it sound amazing? A DJ’s live performance is cool but the fact of playing a synthesizer or an acoustic instrument takes it to the next level. It feels like having a whole band or orchestra in your hands. Check our video of a home-made jam session.

Learning music production opens up a toolbox of endless possibilities for any musician.


Nowadays, the only thing you need is a computer in order to be able to produce (write and record) your own track. Also, this is an opportunity to understand the physics of sound and, in general, the essence of creating music. 

For sure, after delving into electronics you will be more aware of all the sounds that surround you in your daily life and how they are designed!

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