Second lockdown, a challenge, a new chance

Second lockdown, a challenge, a new chance

Second lockdown, a challenge, a new chance. Here we go again. We can’t shop, go to the gym, celebrate these special days as we would like to… 

It might seem overwhelming, yes. Staying at home during this second lockdown can feel claustrophobic, boring, depressing… 
Yes, depressing, let’s call things by their own names. Let’s face life and what comes with it. Because avoiding issues never brings anything positive in the long run. But, are all these things a problem really?
I would say NO! But YES. But no. Hmm, actually… Yes, I think?
Let me explain…
During this situation and context, we might want to take a step back to look at things with different eyes.
If we look at the big picture, in this part of the world (the Netherlands), we all have a shelter to not be cold, with heating in most cases. We have drinkable tap water. Also warm, to take comfy showers. There is economic help available from the government. There is plenty of food, our favorite drinks. And, of course, the big star nowadays. You are reading this because you have access to the internet
Yes, even in the middle of a pandemic, we live in luxury dear friends. Just take a look outside of our “first world” window and you will see a much different reality…
However, we can’t help it. We still feel down sometimes. Are we selfish? HOW DARE WE?
Relativity is what we need to look at
As you might remember from last year. We used to be able to attend innumerable Christmas “borrels”, go to bars and cafes, festivals and concerts, dancing classes, demonstrations to show the world we want to live in… Meeting new people and see all the details of their faces was normal for us.
We even used to hug strangers sometimes!
Wow, how our lives have changed… For instance, traveling the world looking for snow or a warmer place to escape the cold and rain was nice, to be honest. And we also used to have our families and friends over for Christmas, Hanukah, birthdays, and also for just our own pleasure of spending time with them.
Our lifestyle has suffered
It has been limited. And that is not easy to accept. Seeing the bigger picture can help, but…
…do not feel guilty if you ever have a bad moment due to this situation. We did not want this, anyone wanted this!
When limitation does not come from within, we are allowed to not feel good. To feel cornered even. Therefore, do not be hard on you, allow yourself to feel that emotion, and that will create space for better feelings to arise.
So, this is my take on this second lockdown, I hope it helps and gives you some peace of mind if you need it. 
Now, time for my bonus track! Let’s take advantage of all this to make our lives better. 
How many times have you said “I want to read this book…”, “I would love to talk with this special person…”, “I want to learn to play an instrument…” (wink, wink ;P), “I would really like to finish this videogame…”, “…but I don’t have time for it. I will do it some other time.”?  
Well, now is that very moment. Move your body, or your brains, and take action!  
There’s never been a better period for this in our lives.
In conclusion, study that skill you want to have. Start that life-changing project that has been in the back of your head for so long. Cook better dishes. Write a song! 
Now, time is running! A solution to the pandemic will, hopefully, be here soon and you won’t have that precious time again. 
From Bom-B Music. From Ayla and Alberto, we would like to wish you a happy, enriching, fun, ________________ (space for you to fill) holidays! 😉

PS: Feel free to share this if you think it might inspire someone 😉 

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