Bom-B Music x SPEAK: IS ART EMOTION? workshop

Last week’s Sunday, we hosted our first event ever, the Is art emotion? workshop. Yes, finally! We were looking forward to this moment since March 2020 when everything stopped so you can imagine the level of excitement. 
During the event, we talked about art and music from a philosophical point of view. Always using musical examples
For this workshop, Is art emotion? , we brought up two main questions. 
  1. What does ART gemeen?
  2. What does MUSIC gemeen?
Both of these questions opened up to more questions such as:
  1. Is art a human-exclusive thing? 
  2. What’s the difference between art en craftsmanship?
  3. Imagine that a being is forced to produce art under slavery, would that make it less artistic?
  4. Does music need harmony en melody?
  5. Could a piece of silence be called music?
Can you try and give an answer to these questions? Please, feel free to do so by dropping an emailto us. 
We explored many definitions, challenged each other’s replies, played music to show examples, and jammed together. The questions reproduced in this text are just a few among many other questions, it was a very intense en long session! 
At the end of the session, we used our own bodies en small/simple instruments to create music from scratch. To do so, we thought of a word, an emotion, or a concept. Just for inspiration. Words like “whales”, and “elephant”. Our audience love animals as you can see 😜 With this little information, we flowed en created our own music
To end the session, Ayla and I performed live for the first time our new song, Xatma, that will be released together with a video clip in the short future. Stay tuned on our Instagram accounts!
We are now looking forward to the next event. And we will let you know with more time so that you will not miss it!

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