Discover the most up to date online violin lessons and awaken the artist in you

Are you fascinated by the beautiful sound of the violin, wondering if you could play all those beautiful melodies? Looking for motivation and inspiration to awaken the artist in you? I am Berta Mariana, a methodical, patient, and enthusiastic violin teacher. I would love to guide you on this adventure.

Adults and children

Absolutely all ages benefit from learning, listening, and playing music! It helps our brains to develop motor skills, coordination and focus. Besides that, other very important values are developed: you will learn how to become methodic, face challenges and stimulate your imagination and creativity.

Personalized lessons

Based on your own wishes and goals, I will elaborate a plan for the lessons. We will be focusing on learning and developing your playing step by step in a calm, methodic and healthy way, making you feel each day more comfortable and confident with it! As we go on, we will approach different technical aspects, so that you keep always improving your skills and your level, but don’t be scared: we will do it always through beautiful and fun music.

Yoga, body awareness, and posture

Learn how to feel comfortable with the violin to completely enjoy the music you play. By being a Yoga and Alexander Technique lover, I believe that a healthy posture and body awareness contribute enormously to become a healthy and happy player. I will help you to develop a comfortable and natural posture, allowing you to improve your general body posture, violin playing, and well-being.

Improvisation, open-mindedness, and good technique

My academic and professional experience has helped me create a teaching method where improvisation is an essential activity. From the first class, we practice improvisation together through fun exercises. That way, we contribute to the improvement and consolidation of other skills that belong to being a musician. Lessons are also focused on learning the fundamentals of music, creating a solid technical based on agility and dexterity, and paying special attention to having a relaxed, ergonomic, and healthy posture.

Let’s play together!

Playing together is very important to develop your sound, intonation, and rhythmic skills. Enjoy your creative and artistic growth. Besides having a wonderful time sharing beautiful music together, this will give you a lot of knowledge and experience, in case someday you would like to join an orchestra or an ensemble, you will be ready!

Group lessons and ensembles

Making music alone is fun, but playing with people brings it to the next level! If you like the idea, I will bring you together with other fellow students for technique workshops, jam sessions, duos with other instruments, or whatever other activity we might find interesting for you. Online or in your area.

When and where

In order to make sure you can easily introduce the violin lessons on your agenda, the location, time, and frequency of the lessons are completely adjustable to what fits you best. You will have maximum flexibility with one of our lesson packs! We will preferably use Zoom as a video-conference platform for our online lessons but Skype or Hangouts would work just fine too.

Meet Berta Mariana Sequeira, our wide-ranged violin teacher

I am Berta Mariana, a Portuguese violinist, currently based in the Netherlands. I come from a musical family and was surrounded by music since I was born! I started playing violin and piano when I was a kid and developed my musical studies focusing, not only on classical music, but also on the creativity of other music styles like Portuguese music, pop, country, and improvisation. Inspired by the cultural atmosphere of the Netherlands, I decided to move to Utrecht to deepen and enrich my musical knowledge, through a Master’s degree in classical music performance, in Utrecht Conservatory. I enjoy playing in orchestras and chamber music ensembles, using the violin to communicate and express myself! As a violin teacher, I love to meet new students from different ages and backgrounds and get inspired and motivated by the challenges and achievements we will face together along the way.