Make the piano your passion

Have you ever wanted to be able to play your favorite tunes on the piano? Perhaps you want to catch up with your playing again and rediscover your passion for music?

My personalized piano lessons open up a range of possibilities for all those who want to learn to play the instrument in a fun and original way.

Ayla Losada, Piano teacher


Regardless of your level or the experience you have playing it, I am very glad to guide you discovering your own journey and help you achieve your musical goals.

The piano is a very versatile instrument with an important role that fits into any musical style. Being a polyphonic instrument, it gives the musician a holistic overview of what is happening in the music. That way, it becomes easy to hear what you see and the other way around. Thus, understanding music concepts such as harmony and structure in a practical and visual way. In addition, playing the piano is undoubtedly a fun activity in which students can max up their creativity.

Personalized lessons for everyone

Regardless of their age, my piano lessons are designed according to the specific needs of each student and the main objective is to guide them in the optimal direction to achieve their full potential in a fun way. Thereby, the piano becomes a tool to understand what making music really means and will be a way for the student to express their emotions.

Different genres and guaranteed fun!

In my lessons, students learn different styles: classical, pop, rock, funky, electronics, or jazz are just a few examples. We focus on the styles of the student’s interest and motivation. Playing the students’ own songs is an option as well, to help them develop their creative skills.

Playing together is the basis of my teaching method. My students and I regularly play 4-handed piano, duets, covers, accompaniments and, sometimes, I accompany them with the cello. This is a crucial practice that aims to develop their musical hearing and provide the basis for ensemble playing.

Improvisation, open-mindedness and good technique

My academic and professional experience has helped me creating a teaching method where improvisation is an essential activity. From the first class, we practice improvisation together through fun exercises. That way, we contribute to the improvement and consolidation of other skills that belong to being a musician. Lessons are also focused on learning the fundamentals of music, creating a solid technical based on agility and dexterity, and paying special attention to having a relaxed, ergonomic, and healthy posture.

Technology in music. Recording and producing

Let’s face it, we are in the 21st century and the possibilities of technology are endless in the audiovisual field. Recording for auditions, producing and releasing your first single, live looping, use of effects… You can learn all that with me. Are you curious? Book your trial lesson now!

Group lessons and ensembles

Making music alone is fun, but playing with people brings it to the next level! If you like the idea, I will bring you together with other fellow students for technique workshops, jam sessions, duos with other instruments, or whatever other activity we might find interesting for you. Online or in your area.

When and where

I offer fun, comprehensive and motivating online lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Live feedback and instructions. My schedule is flexible so your piano lessons can easily be accomodated into your agenda. We will preferably use Zoom as video-conference platform for our lessons but Skype or Hangouts would work just fine too.

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Ayla, our adaptive piano teacher

The piano was the first instrument with which I began my musical journey and thanks to that choice I have been able to acquire a complete vision of what music means. Together with the cello, the piano became my life partner and part of my daily life. I studied piano and cello at the Bilbao Conservatory in Spain. After that, I moved to the Netherlands to study my second master’s degree at HKU Utrecht Conservatory. I continued improving my piano skills and I am an active player and teacher of both instruments at the moment.

My goal in Bom-B Music and as a music teacher, in general, is to make the students able to experience all types of emotions by playing music, understanding the musical process from its roots with a creative and modern approach.