One of the most versatile instruments

If you would like to learn the cello, I will be glad to walk this path by your side. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced player, I will design a tailor-made program that will help you develop your skills.

The cello is one of the most present voices in the orchestra. However, due to its versatility, you can find it in any kind of ensemble.

Ayla Losada, cello teacher

Jacqueline du Pré, Yo-Yo Ma, or the “a capella” band Pentatonix are some of the artists that made the cello famous all over the world. Loved everywhere, the cello provides beautiful sounds that suit multiple genres from baroque to electronic music.

Music is a universal language. Kids and adults are equally able to understand and benefit from it

Are you an adult ready for a new challenge? Or perhaps you are looking for that after-school activity that boosts your kid’s personal, social, and musical skills? Maybe you are a music student preparing for auditions or aiming to start a bachelor’s degree in music.
One of the special aspects of music is that, apart from being a way of expression and communication it has a universal language that connects people. Playing in bands or ensembles is one of the most rewarding experiences that music can bring you. I enjoy playing the cello in all kinds of ensembles and being inspired by the rest of the musicians.

Open-mindedness and different music genres

Diversity is a word that goes together with music, especially speaking about musical genres and styles. So, one of the sources of my inspiration is to get to know and to learn from different styles, playing and experimenting with music from the early period until the most avant-garde styles. I like to explore the instrument with my students in a fun process, growing, improving, and discovering new ways of making music together.

How do my cello lessons look like?

In my lessons, my students and I play together, either some duos with the cello or me accompanying them on the piano. Playing with more people gives the student the opportunity to learn essential skills in teamwork, how to play in a group, and listen to all the different voices that form a musical piece.
From the first lesson, the student starts making music. Even if they can only play one note. We learn the basic concepts of music and develop listening and rhythmic skills with fun exercises. Also, we focus on finding a good posture with a relaxed and flexible bow and left-hand technique.

Improvisation and open-mindedness

That very feeling of creating art on the spot. Only a few experiences can relate to it. When we explore and create, our flow state gets triggered. We are fully immersed in the activity and the world surrounding us vanishes. If you like, we will go on a journey discovering new emotions, colours, sounds, harmonies, textures, styles, genres. And improvising on them. Let’s get creative!

Technology in music. Recording and producing

Let’s face it, we are in the 21st century and the possibilities of technology are endless in the audiovisual field. Recording for auditions, producing and releasing your first single, live looping, use of effects… You can learn all that with me. Are you curious? Book your trial lesson now!

Group lessons and ensembles

Making music alone is fun, but playing with people brings it to the next level! If you like the idea, I will bring you together with other fellow students for technique workshops, jam sessions, duo with piano, or whatever other activity we might find interesting for you. Online or in your area.

When and where

I offer fun, comprehensive and motivating online lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Live feedback and instructions. My schedule is flexible so your cello lessons can easily be accomodated into your agenda. We will preferably use Zoom as video-conference platform for our lessons but Skype or Hangouts would work just fine too. Book a trial lesson now!

Meet Ayla, our versatile cellist

Music has always accompanied me since the first steps of my life. I started playing the piano and some years later I discovered the cello, which became my life partner. I studied this instrument all my life. Now, I hold a bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees in cello performance and have lived the best experiences of my life thanks to it. Music has changed my life!
My goal in Bom-B Music and as a music teacher, in general, is to make the students able to experience all types of emotions by playing music, understanding the musical process from its roots with a creative approach.